The Philadelphia Glider Council (PGC) is one of the premier soaring clubs in North America. Founded in 1941, this unique aviation organization is located just north of the Philadelphia metro area in Hilltown, Pennsylvania, serving glider pilots and the general public in the tri-state region.

PGC members range from beginning students to highly experienced glider pilots; and our soaring activities vary to meet the needs of individual pilots, from basic flight training to post-license training, just-for-fun local flying, and high performance cross-country soaring.

Inexpensive student flight training is a central part of the PGC mission - all student instruction and equipment usage is free - students just pay yearly membership dues and tow fees. Each season, PGC's dedicated dedicated cadre of instructors provides basic flight instruction for a new group of student pilots. When their training is complete these students take the required FAA tests and earn their wings! Younger students are also eligible for PGC's Youth Scholarship Program that subsidizes a portion of membership and flight costs.

In addition to basic training, PGC also hosts advanced cross-country soaring camps conducted by national and world soaring champions. PGC racing pilots also participate in SSA regional and national championships, the inter-club Governor's Cup competition, and the world On-Line Contest (OLC).

PGC owns the 138 acre turf airport, eight modern sailplanes for basic and advanced training, two towplanes, a two-drum winch, hangers for equipment, club house a with flight simulator training facilities, and a picnic and play area for visiting family members.


Flight operations are scheduled on weekends and some weekdays (depending on weather) between April and October. We also operate on select days throughout the winter as conditions allow.

Check our live webcams to watch flightline operations or verify flight activity if you want to visit and join the fun.

PGC offers Aeronautical Orientation Flights for those who would like to experience the thrill of soaring or who have thought about becoming a pilot. See the contact information to the right, or click on the Learn To Fly PGC menu to inquire about an aeronautical orientation flight or Join for club membership.

For insight into the sights and sounds of glider flight watch the Soaring Video (may require a high speed connection). Please come visit and watch the beauty of gliders in flight, take an Aeronautical Orientation Flight, or buy a Gift Certificate and treat a special someone to a great aviation experience.

Live Web Cams at PGC


May 07
SAT Panebianco, Bob Finestone, Paul
Smith, Robert
Schloeffel, Glenn
May 08
SUN Telfer, Bill Finestone, Paul
Daumas, Alain
Levitt, Leo
Inchausti, Ken
May 14
SAT Devine, Steven Klauder, Phil
Esser, Klaus
Poole, Edward
May 15
SUN Ruhl, Eddie Terefenko, Joel
McLeod, Julian
Kruk, Bryan
Brennan, George
May 21
SAT Panebianco, Bob Goritski, Jack
Brown, Lawrence
Buerkle, Stephen
May 20th
Cub Scout Sleepover & Rocket Launch
June 25th
Freedoms Wings @ Van Sant Flying Weekend
June 26th
Freedoms Wings @ Van Sant Flying Weekend
July 16th
Summer Glider Academy Begins - Runs daily through July 24th.
September 17th
September 17th - DVC MG Cookout
October 1st
Neighbors Day and 75th anniversary.