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Youth Soaring Program

Youth Soaring Lessons

Aviation education and flight training benefits young people by theoretical and practical teaching of math, science, aerodynamics, meteorology, navigation, communication, and basic to advanced airmanship (stick and rudder skills). Perhaps more important though is the effect of flight training on character development. Flight training emphasizes personal responsibility, judgment, self-appraisal, analytical thinking, resource management, decision making, self-discipline, persistence, and the importance of teamwork. As we have told many aspiring young pilots, "We are all here to help you achieve your goals, but this is not a computer game, it is not easy, and there is no re-set button. When you enter the aircraft cockpit you are in the 'no excuses' zone. Your experiences will be 100% real, and no matter what the future brings, your accomplishments will be yours forever."

PGC demonstrates its commitment to young pilot development in 3 principal ways:

  1. Free attendance to all 3 days of our acclaimed winter ground school.
  2. Support for scholarships through The Jordyn Agostini Soaring Education Association (JASEA).
  3. Mentorship and training from our instructional and field management crews. We take great satisfaction in introducing young people to aviation and from their development as people and as pilots.
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