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Soaring is the art and science of exploiting our knowledge of the atmosphere to pilot advanced motor-less aircraft, with perfect control, for hundreds of miles. It is akin to sailing, but in the ocean of air above us rather than on the seas. It is elegant, beautiful, and exhilirating.

Soaring, like all forms of aviation, relies on technical knowledge, stick and rudder skills, sharp intellect, and sound judgement. It requires an understanding of meteorology, aerodynamics, and navigation, as well as perserverance and safety awareness. From DaVinci to the Wright brothers, the dream of flight has captivated artists and scientists alike. It has spawned endless technological advances, changed our way of life, and created a great industry.

The Philadelphia Glider Council is a non-profit, membership-based club of men, women and families who are dedicated to the joy and adventure of soaring flight. We are located in beautiful Hilltown, Bucks County, PA. Schedule an Aeronautical Orientation Flight to experience soaring for yourself! Or visit us at the field any sunny weekend and ask the field manager to have someone give you the tour. Pack a picnic and enjoy the day. (No charge - all are welcome.)

"Just roll into a thermal, wing to wing with a bald eagle, and all the beauty of the world is there, just waiting for you."

- Alain, Member


Great Gift for Yourself or a Friend: Soaring Flight Gift Certificate
Give a gift that will not gather dust in the attic… an aeronautical orientation glider flight with an FAA certified commercial pilot over beautiful Bucks County. Learn about the 4 forces of flight as your pilot smoothly soars with you from 3,000 feet above the earth in one of our modern sailplanes…a never to be forgotten experience. $120 . May thru October from noon to 4:00 PM is the best time to fly. (Bring your camera.) To purchase a gift certificate, click Sign Me Up and submit your information so we can contact you with purchasing details. Or, you can purchase it in person at the field (on a dry sunny weekend day).
Philadelphia Glider Council
Glider Flight Training Scholarships Now Open for Application
The Jordyn Agostini Soaring Education Assoc., LLC (JASEA) is a tax deductible 501 C-3 organization that offers financial support for flight training at PGC for young people with a strong desire to fly. If you are a currently enrolled academic student from age 14 to 21 who wants to learn to fly but don't have the cash to join PGC, hit the "sign me up" button and provide your name, email, age, where you live, parent contact info if you are under 18 years old, school you attend, and a description of the reason you want to get glider flight training. If you would like to donate to the fund, please see our notice further down on the front page of the website.
Philadelphia Glider Council
Donate Now to Help Deserving Girls & Boys to Become the Aviators of Tomorrow
The Jordyn Agostini Soaring Education Association (JASEA) is a tax deductible 501 C-3 organization whose mission is to enable young people, who could not otherwise afford flight training, to become the aviators of tomorrow. We believe that there is now a world of career opportunity in the aviation industry; as pilots, technicians, engineers, and administrators. Our young flight students have experienced tremendous personal growth, maturity, persistence, judgement, technical knowledge, and responsibility through aviation. These are vital qualities that last a lifetime no matter what career may be followed. All contributions go to soaring flight training and ground school fees. Please send your check made out to JASEA, in whatever amount you can manage, to our treasurer, Bob O'Brien, 465 Sharon Road, Colmar,PA 18915
Philadelphia Glider Council
How to Contact Someone on the Membership Team
Click on any of the "Sign Me Up" or "Contact" buttons and fill out the info. We are happy to get voice messages, but because of the plague of SPAM voice mails, we ignore messages which are not accompanied by your name and email address on the information form. Your cell number and a good time to call are helpful as well. One of the membership team volunteers will reach out to you within 48 hours.
Philadelphia Glider Council
Glider Ground School Starts Winter, 2022.
Six days of Ground School. Saturday mornings from 9:00 AM until about 12:30 PM.
Philadelphia Glider Council

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