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Member Flights

Mastering the skies!

Following instruction, the general membership begins its soaring day. This also typically corresponds to the onset of the thermal atmospheric conditions which provide the energy for prolonged flights. Members with their own private gliders have assembled and prepared for launch. Those using Council gliders have signed up and are arranging the take-off order, and the tow pilots have refueled and are ready to go. A member going solo in a 2 passenger glider is limited to a 1-hour flight if there is another member waiting for the plane. If 2 members are flying together, they are given 2 hours. There is no extra charge for use of Council gliders, but modest fees apply to be towed to altitude. Council operations rely on all experienced and qualified members taking turns as field operations crew to ensure smooth safe operations. Flying continues until sunset or until the last member who wants to fly has done so.

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