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The cost of learning to fly can be daunting for those getting started in aviation, but PGC is a friendly AND cost-effective place to learn and to fly. Annually, our members pay $960 in dues plus the cost of each tow. The price per tow depends on the altitude requested. Currently, tow fees average $35. That's it! There is no plane rental and no instructor fee. New to PGC? New members also pay a refundable entrance bond of $100 plus a one-time new member fee of $700 which is billed quarterly over your first year. The entrance bond is refunded if you leave the club in good financial standing. Are you a young student pilot* or part of a full-price PGC member's family? If so, your annual dues for full privileges are reduced to $685/per year and your bond is $50. The new member fee still applies. Our membership coordinator is available to answer any questions you might have on dues or joining PGC!

*Student Pilots are full-time students, 22 years of age or younger.  

View our Membership Application for all pricing. To speak to our Membership Coordinator, contact Kelly Terefenko at PGCsoaringGoFly@gmail.com or call 215-334-5980.

Membership Dues & Fees

Adult $960, Youth $685, Youth Scholarship (need-based rates)

(refundable when terminating membership)
$100 (students $50)

$1025 (students $700)

(4 payments of $175 billed over first year)

Next Step

Schedule a pre-membership tour & perhaps an Aeronautical Orientation Flight!

Are you ready to soar with the eagles? Tell us more about you in the form below and our membership coordinator will contact you about scheduling a tour. We look forward to joining you in the sky!