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Glider Flights

The Fleet

Our modern fleet of composite sailplanes is unmatched in the region. It includes, four 2-seat Grob 103’s which are cross country capable and prepare students for an easy transition to other modern sailplanes.

When pilots are ready they can step up to our single seat sailplanes; the Grob 102 and the Schempp-Hirth Discus. For the ultimate in sailplane performance, PGC owns a Duo-Discus (not pictured) for advanced training and cross-country flying. The use of all of these aircraft is included at no cost beyond annual membership dues. Several members have their own private gliders owned either individually or in partnership with other members.

To launch the sailplanes, PGC relies on its 3 tow planes, a Cessna L-19 and a 2 Piper Pawnees flown by our highly experienced crew of tow pilots. (We train tail wheel qualified member pilots to become tow pilots too.)

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